Hiring Employees For Your New York City Based Business

Hiring Employees For Your New York City Based Business

New York City is the largest city in the United States. It’s also one of the largest cities in the entire world. As a large city, it attracts a great deal of business investment. Business owners want to take advantage of the many opportunities for prestige and profit that can be gained by opening a business here. They also want to take advantage of the regional workforce. New York is home to some of the finest universities and colleges in the world. Local colleges and nationally renowned institutions provide any employer with an educated and experienced workforce. When opening up a business here, it helps to think how best to tap into the regional talent pool. A good employer can often have their pick of qualified candidates Any employer should know what they need in an employee before they begin to interview candidates for the job or jobs they have in mind.


Defining Positions


Any employer should first define their needs. In a busy city that operates 24/7, they may need employees who can commit to flexible shifts in advance. Many employers need people who can also do odd shifts such as those that start early in the morning or late at night. Keep in mind that many parts of New York are well served by public transport. Buses and subways go to many parts of the city. Keep in mind as well that such buses and trains operate all day and night long. However, certain hours of the day may be safer for public transport. It also helps to define a position before putting it in front of potential employees. Any applicant should have a clear expectation of their duties before they begin the job. A well written job description that carefully provides a written list of the duties and education requires can attract many applicants.


The Salary


This part of the world has higher than average living costs. Employees may face increased costs for housing and increased property taxes. An employer should be mindful of these factors when looking for employees. In many cases, applicants expect a higher than average salary in order to compensate for these costs. It can be a good idea to set salaries about ten percent higher than in other parts of the country. Employees who are offered a salary that allows them to pay their bills will tend to be more loyal to the company. They will also tend to stay with the employer for a longer period of time. Having a talented and dedicated pool of employees on hand can help any business owner see increased growth. It can also help them meet their commitment to their suppliers and their clients.


Specific Laws


All business owners should also be aware of specific rules that may apply here when hiring employees. New York City laws require that employers give employees overtime if they work more than a certain number of hours in a given week. Other laws govern specifics such as health and safety. Young people are not permitted to work more than a few hours a week. Employers should also know about specific laws that can help their employees. For example, a benefit called TransitChek can help with employee commuting costs. Under this program, employees are allowed to set aside a specific amount of money as part of their pre-tax income. Doing so can help the employee pay for the cost of weekly bus tickets to New York City from the suburbs or the cost of a Metro Card for the city’s subways. Employee perks can make for satisfied, happy employees.